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Our Tale Unveiled:

From Coffee Mornings to Community Revival.

Would you believe it, if we told you that this remarkable journey began with a simple coffee morning gathering.

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It was during this impromptu meeting that we found ourselves discussing the disheartening closure of the Horse & Jockey in Northwood. We collectively recognised the void it would leave, not only in Northwood village but also in the neighbouring communities that had previously lost their own community spaces.

This is the story of our endeavour, a story that proves that great ideas can be born from the simplest of conversations and the most heartfelt concerns.

We organised several public gatherings, and it became evident that we enjoyed significant backing from the community.

fundraising event

This prompted the formation of our steering group, comprised of 10 dedicated volunteers who stepped forward to drive us closer to our objective.

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Our journey was one of continuous learning. We encountered our fair share of challenges, but our unwavering determination saw us through. 
We achieved a significant milestone when we secured an Asset of Community Value status, granting us the time needed to raise the necessary funds through community share offers and grants. 

We canvased our communities at various venues and held several fundraising events.

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We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the 85 shareholders who shared in our vision and supported us by acquiring shares.

Our journey continued with diligent research into potential grant opportunities. While hope was definitely there, success remained uncertain. However, our hopes were rewarded as we were granted a remarkable £240,000 by the government through the Community Fund.

Here we stand today, proudly unveiling that the doors of our community pub - The Horse & Jockey, Northwood - will be opening soon. 

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