About the Horse & Jockey

A community owned pub in North Shropshire

The story so far:

Since the pub went up for sale in October 2022, we have received overwhelming support for the idea of purchasing and running the Horse and Jockey as a community pub. After community consultation, our group was established as a Community Benefit Society and we have successfully applied for the pub to become an asset of community value. This has allowed us to notify Shropshire Council of our intention to bid for the pub. This has placed a moratorium on the sale of the pub until 31st May 2023 which allows us, the community, time to raise money to purchase the pub. We are busy with the next stage of the process which is to raise funds for the purchase, by raising a community share offer, so our jockey can race again!

What is our vision for the pub?

Our primary purpose is to provide a community pub, but we also recognise that we are an isolated rural community and would like to expand our role to include providing a welcoming space for local groups such as after school clubs, WI, young Farming groups and anyone else who wishes to make use of the facilities. We also intend to open an area as a community shop and click and collect point and medicine drop off point. We will also encourage local artists, producers and performers to use the Horse and Jockey as an exhibition space and selling space. We also intend to use local suppliers of food and drink wherever possible to aim for a carbon neutral footprint. We will also aim to provide local employment and training opportunities within the hospitality sector. We will also endeavour to operate as a warm hub, in recognition that heat poverty is a real issue for some members of the local community.

Who are the Horse and Jockey Community Pub Limited?

We are a community group that is currently being registered with the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) as a Community Business Society in order to purchase and run the pub for the benefit of the community.

What is a Community Benefit Society?

The purpose of a CBS is to serve the broader interests of the community. A CBS has to carry on a business, industry or trade that is being, or intended to be, conducted entirely for the benefit of the community. Anybody from the community can purchase a community share which then gives them a democratic say in how they want the pub to run and what they want it to offer.